Nama means unpasteurised in Japanese and combined with the word sake becomes namazake. It has a freshness that can only be experienced by drinking it in the place it was made; at a sake brewery. Without pasteurisation it retains all the fragrance, flavour, umami and natural effervescence of sake in its natural, untampered state. The namazake that is made in Japan needs to be shipped overseas by air to ensure it reaches its destination quickly. These increased shipping costs usually mean you can only enjoy it at expensive Japanese restaurants in big cities. The namazake we make here in England at Fordham Abbey reaches new heights of freshness and flavour. Even for people who are new to sake, we believe that drinking this namazake in the serene atmosphere of the Fordham Abbey estate is the best way to enjoy the smooth flavour of this truly wonderful drink.

You’ll be able to enjoy fresh namazake on all our tours and we look forward to welcoming you here to Dojima at Fordham Abbey.